Spore Type — types/ symbol meanings

Spore Print:

Spore prints reveal the colour of the mushroom's spores, which can be diagnostic. To make a spore print from a mushroom, remove the stipe (stem) and place the cap, gill side down, on a neutral-coloured piece of paper. If the gills are light, try a dark-coloured piece of paper. If the gills are dark, try a light-coloured piece of paper. If the colour is uncertain, half the cap can go on dark paper and half on light. Cover the cap and paper with a lid such as an inverted bowl or container to prevent air currents disturbing the print. Check back after a few hours to see if enough spores have deposited on the paper to make a visible print. If not, leave it until you are able to see a pattern of spores on the paper.

Spore Print: Brown


Spore Print: White


Spore Print: Yellow


Spore Print: Black


Spore Print: Ochre


Spore Mass:

Not all types of fungi release spores in a way that will readily make a print. Some have an outer surface that produces spores, others have a closed or partially closed mass of spores. In these cases, it may be neccessary to cut into the fruiting body to determine the colour of the spores. Read the description of the individual species to figure out how best to assess spore colour.

Spore Mass: Olive


Spore Mass: Purple


Spore Mass: White