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Sarah Ronald is a Canadian artist living in Port Coquitlam BC, Canada.

Ronald’s diverse upbringing in the rural Okanagan shaped her future as a conservation-minded animal artist and aspiring creative writer. After graduating from the Okanagan University College with her BFA, Ronald relocated to the lower mainland of BC, eventually settling in Port Coquitlam where she now creates out of her home studio.

Always pushing her practice to new levels, in 2020 Ronald started creating hand-drawn animations of wildlife, and in 2021 she began projecting her animations in outdoor spaces as way to encounter her animated animals ‘in the wild’.

A drawer at heart, Ronald has recently started to include site-specific installation art in her practice. Ronald sees installation art and projected animation becoming a significant aspect of her practice, as her aim is to present wildlife and climate concerns beyond traditional art spaces.



Exhibition Contributors


Yukiko Stranger-Galey


Derek Tan & Evan Craig


Lesha Koop


Evan Craig

Scientific Advisor

Chris Stinson

Education Advisor

Vincent Sayson