Located at the University of British Columbia, the Wheaton Walk Through Time is an outdoor exhibition made possible through the generosity of Wheaton Precious Metals. It is their sincere hope that this exhibit will inspire visitors to learn more about our planet’s evolution and the powerful geologic processes that continue to shape the world around us. The exhibit links the Pacific Museum of Earth and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. It includes a Timeline of the geological and biological history of the earth since its formation 4.5 billion years ago in combination with a Tree of Life showing the evolutionary relationship between all living things.

UBC Pacific Museum of Earth and Department Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Kirsten Hodge
  • Daniel Gowryluk
  • Francis Jones
  • Alexa Class-Freeman

  • Renee Haggart
  • Ken Hickey
  • Tara Ivanochko
  • Mark Jellinek
  • Catherine Johnson
  • Laura Lukes
  • James Scoates
  • Roland Stull
  • Stuart Sutherland
  • Philippe Tortell
  • Dominique Weis

UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Biodiversity Research Centre

  • Catherine Ouellet-Martin
  • Yukiko Stranger-Galey
  • Jackie Chambers
  • Derek Tan
  • Nicole Balsdon
  • Evan Craig

  • Mary Berbee
  • Bridgette Clarkston
  • Quentin Cronk
  • Sean Graham
  • Patrick Keeling
  • Wayne Maddison
  • Eric Taylor
  • Jeannette Whitton
  • Vittorio Boscaro
  • Elizabeth Cooney
  • Xueyang Fan
  • Chris Mortenson
  • Patrick Pata

UBC Faculty of Science

  • Allan Berezny
  • Valerie Titford

UBC Project Services

  • Jay Hiscox
  • Kate West
  • Darren Wong

Landscape Architecture

PWL Partnership

  • Kait McGeary
  • Jason Wegman

Graphic Design & Interpretation

Public: Architecture + Communication

  • Ben Stone
  • Susan Mayor
  • Catherine Po

Metal Fabrication

  • Murray Latta Progressive Machine


  • Heatherbrae Builders