Bettina Matzkuhn

Meteobotany pairs drawings of cloud systems with embroidered plant life, in particular, lichens. Iterations go from digital satellite images, to drawing done by hand on a digital surface, then commercially printed onto fabric, and finally embroidered by hand. Matzkuhn explores contrasts of technologies and materials, and points of view. Satellites give a “god’s eye” view, while Matzkuhn has been drawing lichen specimens through a microscope (from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum). The lichens appear to grow between the cloud systems. Through combining macro and micro viewpoints, the artist hopes to convey the sense of the northwest coast as an intricate and intertwined life form—a living, dynamic presence. Lichens represent a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae (and more organisms, as research is finding). By pairing imagery of lichens with grand weather systems, Matzkuhn hopes to show a greater symbiosis.