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Researchers Revealed provides a window into current biodiversity research projects, and introduces the people behind them. Following scientists from the Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC, we travel from oceans to deserts and far-off jungles, uncovering the answers to some of our most pressing questions about life on Earth.

With thanks to Dr. Loren Rieseberg, Katie Beall, and all the researchers at the Biodiversity Research Centre.

Supported by the Biodiversity Research Centre and UBC’s Grant for Catalyzing Research Clusters.

Yukiko Stranger-Galey
Lesha Koop
Derek Tan

2020 - 2021

Evan Craig
Jamie Clarke
Mandy Huynh

2019 - 2020

Karina Greenwood

2018 - 2019

Philippe Roberge
Alirod Ameri
Eric Tsoi