Genetic diversity within orange-crowned warblers

My name is Finola Fogarty, and I'm an undergraduate researcher in the Irwin Lab at the Biodiversity Research Centre.

I'm looking at genetic diversity within the orange-crowned warblers. So there are three subspecies within this group, and I'm collecting blood samples and analyzing the genome in order to see the differences between them.

My favourite research memory is probably the first time I ever caught a turtle by hand. I was studying Western Painted turtles in the Sunshine Coast, and we usually catch them in traps and nets in order to measure them. But I was kayaking up this island, and I spotted it, and I just scooped it up out of the water, and it was super exciting. So that's probably my favourite memory.

My favourite organism is probably the giant clam, from Australia. And I think it's my favourite because it lives a really long time, which is super cool, and also I really think that their symbiotic relationship with algae is super interesting. The algae creates energy for the clam, and the clam houses the algae.


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