Relationships between salmon and other fish species

My name is Julian Heavyside, and I'm a master's student in the Biodiversity Research Centre here in Rick Taylor's lab.

I study salmon rivers on the Central Coast of BC, and I study the other species of fish that co-occur with the salmon. I look at how these fish migrate along with the salmon while they forage on their eggs and their fry, throughout the whole lifecycle of the salmon.

I have so many fond research memories. I think one of the most influential experiences for me was my first trip during my undergraduate to South America, to the ManĂº National Park of Peru. And as we took this rickety bus over this winding road from the west side of the Andes, cresting over to the east as it turned to lush green forest, and looking down the valley, seeing the Amazon laid out before me, it was one of the most beautiful sights.

I think my favourite organism is the Steller's jay, which is a fairly common humble bird here in the Pacific Northwest. And although it sounds pretty harsh and can get quite annoying, when you finally see one for the first time up close, it's just amazing to realize that such a bright colourful bird can exist in this part of the world.


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